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At the same time 2 important things will happen tomorrow. Don’t know what I will choose. Hmm…I really confuse now.
Let me start the legend. Once upon a time, I got surprise from my lovely campus and almost got “heartache”. Luckily, not only me felt that ^^, so lucky am I.
The thesis that should be on the next semester is going fast forward like an air jet without any gossip before. A gossip in campus means a fact the delayed. Of course, the surprises not only stop there, the thesis proposal will be submitted due on October 20. So great, rite!!! They give only two weeks without any guidelines! Wow, cool, amazing!
For the first meeting will be held on this Saturday, means tomorrow!
Why must be tomorrow? There are no days except tomorrow? Why so sudden? Well, it’s become problem if the meeting can’t finish ASAP. Unfortunately it already becomes stumbling block (nice terminology?). Forget that!
Ahhhhh, I wanna scream!!! More than a month, I already have planning for tomorrow. Tomorrow, that can only happen once time in a life. Tomorrow is a Saturday.
Why? Coz, tomorrow there will be de last book signing road show. WW & FB book signing at Mall Kelapa Gading. Uuuu I can’t go, even though I really want. Not only want, I’m also one of the committee. Surely, he will so very upset to me. One time in his email, he said,”bener nih keket ikut??” woah…., coz many moments I couldn’t join. It makes him upset, I knew that. I lose the chance that I won’t get from other company. And I feel I will lose more chances coz I’ll have more absence regarding my thesis.

Oh no!!! Both are important for me, so important for me…



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