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saturday blue

all is depends on Him, why I forget about that? dont be confident khat! whatever it takes I should sacrifice. 

never ever think that it would be rejected. 3 weeks I was waiting and today…., it’s a difficult time for me. w, suggest that, h, support that, I like that and now all seems nothing. it just beginning, later on will much more than this. find another and start again….

one think I could say thank, is friend. whenever I need someone to be a shoulder to cry on, I believe a friend will be always available for me. This poem is for you, friend who can stop my tears this morning,

When I am feeling troubled
Or when I’m feeling blue
When life just seems too hard to bear
I always know just what to do

I know I can always turn to
The one who never lets me down
The one that helps me to my feet
And sets me back on solid ground

The one who knows me very well
My friend, you always come through
You’re my rock, my hand up, my confident
Thank you, my friend
I love you!

only for you….



# Khatrine Sari Dewi Sipahutar # Bekasi, November 2, 1984 # B.Sc (Comm) # Youngest # Pets lover # Married

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