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blogy…it has been a long time ago since i made u bla bla bla … huaaa… duh kok jadi gak pernah ngeblog lagi yah. padahal banyak cerita yang mau dishare, especially my life’ news yang memang gak sama dengan the first purpose i made this blog. yeah, it was for my news event only, related with my office activities. trus berkembang ke my lovely thing which is my pet, and now sometimes to my personal news. mungkin gara-gara itu juga sih jadi gak pernah ngeblog disini (alasan ajaaa!)

sebenarnya utk my daily life, I really dont wana share thru this blog, coz i’ve another one, yg ternyata sudah dinonaktifkan sama yg punyaaaaaa, jadinya … i need a new place for my some stories. buat blog baru gak mau, trus … hmmm, think about this blog, I have a plan to re-blogging My News. wana make it more simple in my mind, can write or share anything that i want, and of course wana make it as my diaries, yg artinya, i dont expect the reader will give a negative comment coz what i write is what i like, if you dont like so dont read it, apalagi mengadukan ke pihak yg berwajib. *.*.

maybe that’s all for today, the first day in august, while i’m still in da office .. -.-.
have a nice weekend .



# Khatrine Sari Dewi Sipahutar # Bekasi, November 2, 1984 # B.Sc (Comm) # Youngest # Pets lover # Married

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