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Merry Christmas 2009 and Happy New Year 2010

Too many things that i wana write in the last day of 2009. but first of all let me say Merry Christmas.

Talking about this Christmas, I got surprise from my boss… what was that? only a sms that saying Xmas greeting.  yes, it became surprise to me since i knew that rarely of my moslem friend saying that, and i feel sad. Tough they are my close friend or even I can say my friend in need and deed. It’s ok then, trying to accept that since senior high school … but still… 😦

Now, I’m in the last day of 2009. Remembering what I’ve done through this year, I’m not satisfied. Too many things that happened out of my mind. Never think that it would be happen before. Yeah, my plan isn’t His plan.

The new year is in front of my eyes and the only one that i know,

Everything happens in my life for a purpose. I may not see the wisdom of it all now, but I trust & believe in the Lord that everything is for the BEST!

There will be new target, new plan, new hope, and new thing everyday in 2010 as long as I still walk with Him and never leave Him.

Let makes our life more meaningful in 2010 coz we just only have one chance to live it.

Everybody, Happy New Year 2010. God Bless Us.



# Khatrine Sari Dewi Sipahutar # Bekasi, November 2, 1984 # B.Sc (Comm) # Youngest # Pets lover # Married

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