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I had a crisis of trust at the moment and is very annoying my relationships. For my self, trust is a key component to any healthy relationship. However, I’ve been hurt in the past or even in the present, trusting someone is one of the hardest things to do. While trust takes time and effort on both of me and my partner.

Now, I’m learning how to trust. It seems ridiculous maybe, but I really need it and I feel trust can grow by learned. Browsing some articles about trust, I’m finding the good one and hope it can help you to grow your trust.
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Communicate with your significant other. Communication is a key component in any relationship. However, it’s even more important when you’re dating someone. Talk to your significant other about your feelings and expectations. Often times, poor communication is the underlying cause of many trust issues.
Give him the benefit of the doubt. Everyone makes mistakes and men are no different. Sometimes people do things without thoroughly thinking them through. As a result, the other person in the relationship starts to question their significant other. If something happens, always try to give your significant other the benefit of the doubt. However, if it continues to happen, be weary.
Let the little things go. Many fights get started over insignificant little things. For example, perhaps your significant other is 5 minutes late for dinner or doesn’t answer his phone once or twice. While these little things are very annoying, they aren’t critical. Learn to just let these things go and move on. It will help your relationship.
Follow through with your end of the deal. Many people start to question how much they can trust their significant other when they are doing something that is shady. For example, don’t flirt with a co-worker or go out to bars and get guys’ phone numbers. While these little things may give your self esteem a boost, they will also cause you to distrust your significant other.
Don’t hold the deeds of your exes against your new boyfriend. Obviously if you have exes, you have exes for a reason. Perhaps they cheated on you or just treated you badly. Realize that those relationships are in the past. The relationship you are forging with your significant other is the present. Don’t take out past experiences on your new boyfriend. This will push him away and the trust will never grow.
6 Be truthful.
Unless you’re planning a surprise party for your spouse, you should never lie to your husband or wife. Even small lies – such as saying you’re working late when you’re shooting pool with your friends – are a bad idea. You’ll likely get caught in the lie, and suddenly your spouse will be wondering what else you’re lying about.
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7 Be reliable.
Follow through on your promises big and small. If you tell your spouse you’re going to meet him or her at 8 p.m. at your house, be there on time. Promised to bring home milk? Bring home the milk. Of course, the big ones, such as fidelity and being there through sickness and health, for richer or poorer, also fall under this umbrella.
8 Set boundaries.
The green monster, jealousy, tends to rear its ugly head and threaten trust when couples don’t set boundaries with those outside their marriage. If you know it bothers your spouse when you flirt with that co-worker, then keep it professional. Don’t set up lunch dates with that ex who always calls. Make sure your spouse knows that he or she is your number one priority. He or she takes precedence over all others.
9 Be trusting yourself.
Unless your partner gives you a real reason to mistrust or doubt his or her honesty, you should trust him or her. This means that you should never accuse your spouse of cheating or lying to you unless you have hard evidence. Without proof, you’ll just create an air of mistrust. It’ll make your partner doubt your honesty, too. You should have faith in your husband or wife’s faithfulness and honesty. You must believe what he or she tells you.
10 Be fair.
Don’t let your partner pay for the sins of your exes. If you had unfaithful or dishonest exes, you should have worked that out with them. Your spouse is his or her own person and has already chosen to commit to a life with you. He or she should be judged on his or her own actions.
11 Trust yourself.
Your heart led you to this man or woman. Your gut told you that he or she was worthy of your love. Your mind told you to marry him or her. If you trust yourself, you know you made the right choice. And that’s a strong foundation on which to build trust.

source : newlyweds, ehow



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