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can’t wait for my holiday

This may sound selfish, but I will be very sad when it comes to this holiday, yeah Lebaran holiday. When friends and workmates gone for a while from my life. Almost of them will go to their hometown to celebrate Lebaran and take their holiday. Since I don’t have any hometown as far as them so I will be staying at home or go to some house’s friends (if I’m invited). A town of my place and especially Jakarta in the street for a week will be quite, like a ghost town!

Today is my last working day and I already feel the aura of loneliness. BUT, for this a long holiday, I already have some plans and will execute it next week. yeah, for the past two years I only got 2 days holiday while now I’ve got a week. yeeayyy!!

Am gonna visit my paitua to his workplace and since it was my workplace too, so I’m gonna be more excited. Next, I will visit PX Pavilion, where I spent my work life a year in that place.
Some reunion of memories..ehmm, I miss to work in those places.
Of course, I’m gonna have my shopping time next week, buy some dresses, make up, gadget? (I wish I can) and many more *depend on budget* I cant wait for my holiday, to meet my old friends, have a fun mad shopping and a great time with my paitua… loves this plan :*

come soon next week……….!!!




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