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Ciao Settembre, Addio Agosto

Addio Agosto..
Finally, we have passed a fasting month which is make a bit suffer for my self since I didn’t fast. Kinda difficult to got a food near the office.
It wasn’t a fun holiday as I expected before, since I was tired because of sudden visited some families to house, and deep condolence for one of my family. But the positive side from that is I could visiting my hometown at Bekasi and met my neighbors that I considered as my family too. Not really happy to met them, because most of their conditions are not well as I thought and I feel sad for that. Hope they can get well soon.
Ciao a tutti, come stai? Spero voi tutti stanno bene.
A short course from uncle google ^^..
Anyway, hai September 2011, welcome abroad!
A special month for me with two huge reasons. First, because this month me and paitua have been through for a half year, thanks for Papa JC as he said last nite. We are sure that, He has a big plan for this relationship. Second, we gonna start our premarital guidance, yeaayy… One by one, step by step, we are ready for next year.

Closing the holiday and starting the month by attending a very good friend wedding and fun dinner with paitua’ family.

Wish September can be nice with me, in the name of Jesus Christ.
-love u all-




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