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Almost 9 years Zepy

13 June 2003
He was born, I gave his name Juan Carlitos Black with nick name Zepy. He was different from other. He has a very dark grey fur.
When he was a kitten, he was lazy to play with his sisters. He was the only male from 4 cats.

From bekasi, he was move to cikarang, his new hometown. A bit hard for him to adapted.

He started to fight with his brother..always and everyday.

I was decided to emasculated him. The result, he more calm, lazy, fatter, and became coward.

2007 – 2010
He stayed inside home not outside like other. He has a huge desire to eat and sleep all day long.
He has many style of sleeping.
He likes to play with Chubby.
He often to took a pee in toilet and took a very long time for it.

6 December 2011
He didn’t wana eat.. He was sick, we thought it usual like other cat. He got flu.

9 December 2011
He say goodbye..he wana sleep forever.

Why so fast you leave us zepy?
Only 3 days you was sick…
I won’t see the pose of sleeping again..
I won’t see your funny behavior again..
I won’t take a picture with you again..
I won’t have a grey and handsome cat again..

I miss you zepy..really miss you. I’m sorry if sometimes I ignore you when you wana eat or just wana have my touch.
Thanks for your accompany..for laugh and tears.

Rest in peace now my dearest cat..someday if I’m in heaven, I will ask Him to take care of you again. He can make it..

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