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December Remember – 2017

Now that New Years is coming up I thought this post would be good timing.

There are many things to be thankful during this year, personal life, family, and job.

Well, let’s make a short:

  1. I saw the people that hurt me in the previous company got their “karma”
  2. I got the new job as my wish, is what I called the dream came true, 09-2017
  3. I lost my baby on my womb that only 2 months age, RIP Caerwyn Gabriele, 19-11-2017
  4. Papi declining his health for the last 3 months
  5. I decided to block some unimportant people, 06-2017
  6. George start walking on his 15 months age, 12-2017

Bad and good things in 2017, all is given by God as a part of His plans in my life. I knew my God is good, always good.

In 2018, I want to…

  1. Saving more, less shopping of course
  2. Lose weight, I really hope!!!
  3. Reading bible for George everyday
  4. Spend more time with George
  5. Celebrate Christmas and New Year outside Indonesia
  6. Have my own house
  7. Love God more and have intimacy with Him

Close the year with pray and open the New Year with pray to God as well. I can’t walk alone and be success without God beside me.

Yes, I need You God next year as I need you in this year.

Thank you for all Your lessons, and I’m ready for everything that You already prepare for me, good or bad, yeah, just be still God.

Me, Kat, Wishing you 12 Months of success, 52 weeks of laughter, 365 days of fun, 8760 hours of joy, 525600 minutes of good luck and 31536000 seconds of happiness.




# Khatrine Sari Dewi Sipahutar # Bekasi, November 2, 1984 # B.Sc (Comm) # Youngest # Pets lover # Married

One thought on “December Remember – 2017

  1. Hold fast your hope in new year because when your hope is die life is like broken bird that can not fly.
    You are Khatrine, you have strong wings and power, so Fly, fly, fly and reach your dream.

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