Hai, I’m Khat

# Khatrine Sari Dewi Sipahutar

# Bekasi, 2 November 1984

# Youngest

# Pets lover

# Taken

# B.Sc in Comm

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30 thoughts on “Hai, I’m Khat

  1. What is a Friend?

    A friend is like a cat.

    Let me tell you why.

    It takes so little to make her happy.

    She doesn’t complain and always seem content.

    She makes your heart warm with her gentle purr and honest and loving gaze.

    A cat always smiles no matter what (did you notice?).

    She brings beauty into your life.

    A cat understands when you are in a bad mood. She looks at you with deeply understanding eyes as if saying, “It’s okay, I’ve been there….” or “Don’t worry, it will come to pass.”

    Sometimes when you feel down and out, she curls by your feet or wraps her warm and furry tail around your leg and she quickly drives your blues away.

    She has this nice habit of bringing sunshine into your life when you most need it which makes you think, “Life’s not that bad after all.”

    A cat is intensely loyal…

    Intensely loving….

    In her own gentle way she let’s you know you are special…

    You are loved…

    That’s what a friend is.

    That’s what Khat is to me.

  2. The Bible tells us that “steel is sharpened by steel and so is a man sharpened by another.”

    As I pondered upon these words, our newly formed friendship comes to mind…

    Friends and friendships are not perfect. There are bound to be problems, conflicts, and misunderstandings. A friendship bereft of these is superficial, cosmetic, and shallow — it cannot be true friendship.

    True friendship requires vulnerability. To be vulnerable means you are willing to open yourself — your heart, your mind, your life — to someone you trust and believe in. As you willingly unfold yourself, so you become vulnerable. Without this vulnerability a friendship cannot thrive, it cannot grow, it cannot flourish. It cannot be what it was meant to be. It will always remain synthetic, artificial.

    Of course, with vulnerability comes the danger of getting hurt, deeply hurt. But friendship is worth that and more. Pain helps us grow. Failure helps us become better. Quarrels help us get closer to each other as we try our best to understand and unravel the mysteries of the other person, the person we love and call “friend.” Thus, in the midst of pain the friendship slowly grows and becomes strong. Later, when the storms of life have passed, the floods have receded, and the dark clouds have made way to a bright morning sun — we will still be together, we will still be friends. You and I… we will be….

    You are a very special friend to me Khatrine.

  3. @ tobadreams: salam kenal juga bang,
    hidup suku Batak!

    @emji: hai emji: nice to know you also.
    your blog is also awesome.

    @Robert Manurung: terimakasih bang, salam kenal

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