Happy New Year 2016…

Already 4 years since my last posting, how I miss this blog, write some memories that maybe someday I will forgot.
My first posting in this new year, wish everyone luckiness, happiness through this year. All our wishes and dreams come true.



Not New Year Yet, But It’s All New..

A deep apologize for my blog because I never keep updating you. Somehow, I really would like to share my story but … hmm , it takes time. However,since my last post, there were a lot news and changes in my life. Now, I spend a lot time to share with you :p

In my wishes for this year 2012, and if in my previous post said that the big plan 6 months to go was so unpredictable. It was changes!!

A short news new update from are:

I’m married finally ^^

I’m getting older since Nov 2, my birthday ^.-

Ok that’s all first, I will going updates soon all the process one by one in once in a lifetime event of my life.

Congratz me 😀

Our Plan

August comes again now and I feel so different for this year. I feel the time goes slowly now. Not as busy as a couple months ago in the company’ devil with so many satans and devils inside but now I’m busy preparing the big day that will be held next year. Yes, thank you to Jesus for His blessing in our plan. The two families has met up, the date has been discussed, already registered to the Church and has paid the DP of the hotel for the reception’ place.
Not stop until there, because there’s a lot things that should be catch up before December, at least. I’m so happy and never imagine it would be like this. Honestly, I already feel give up because the difference of family culture that hard to be united.
Anyway, He really made things beautiful in His time.

Bless our plan Jesus.
Counting down…6 months to go.

No regrets just a life lesson :)

A very bad commitment within these months, I never post to my lovely blog since I move to the new company. As the titled say “no regret just a life lesson”.

Met some stoblo (stupid, goblok, tolol) people within these 3 months make my life like in the hell. Cause their stobloness perfectly complete with their bad character.

Get used with smart and good people make me hard to accept them.  If only if they are stoblo but kind, for me its still ok, but if they are big liar, jerk, oh pleassee just GTH then!

I couldnt change the situasion, the choice was contd or stop the situation. And I choose to stop by saying goodbye to those people. I learned a lot from them, how poor to see people who very confidents with their bad character and I would see how terrible their life later on if they arent change.

The real friends are rarely, nowadays a need friend only.

No regret just a life lesson that in this current world situation, people are more selfish, they only think for themself and ignore other. They never regret to do bad thing to other as long as they get what they want.

dedicated to : suheri, mubes, angry bird, big “couple” liar

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Happiness Tears in February

It’s really month of love for me.. Love from God, love friends, love from people that love me.

It’s a month to say goodbye, see you again and thank you for the collaboration during my work time and a month to say hello to new work mates. Yes, I move again, back to mall/shopping center :p.

I just realize, my work mates are one of the reason I can stand for everything there and I’m gonna miss them.

Eniwei, the last week of this month I will work in the new place. I will moving from my home and live near the office again. Isn’t the first time I live far away from family but its a bit harder now ): .

See you again friends..keep in touch and let this friendship forever. Thank you for the beautiful bag 😀


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